1. Brand Planning

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.” - Yogi Berra. Anything with long term success will have a plan! Viral videos can happen by accident, however they often do not result in any benefit. But the smart brands that make money from viral social media have a plan. Don't be a one hit wonder, become a world class brand.

Brand planning and management is what we do at Equip Your Site. Dennis McCaskill (Boss) is a leader in brand management and is highly sort after for his branding expertise, mentoring many business leaders and non-profits in this area.

In Building a Brand Plan we take a deep look at your current brand setup including 1. Business Overview (Vision and Performance) 2. Key issues 3. Current Brand positioning and 4. Brand plan moving forward.

Do not waste another moment! Get us on the Job!

2. Social Media Planning

The job of media planning is to determine the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives.

At Equip Your Site we understand Social Media and we know the best combinations of social media to get the best results for our clients .

When it comes to Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snap Chat, Instagram, Linkedin we know what we are doing. We plan to have success in this area of marketing for our clients. We work with many personal brands, bands etc planning and creating content for social media to help them reach the masses out in those digital worlds.

Let us help your brand take the next step in social media engagement and connect with new clients and fans.

3. Events

Equip Your Site has over 12 years of event management experience. From large events with 2000 people attending to small seminars with 20 delegates. We have done events in large tents, convention events, school halls and meeting rooms.

You can trust us with your event. From planning, media, advertising, audio and visual, online technology, on the day management and event staff. We have it covered.

We are also very experienced in running, hosting and marketing online seminars and webinars. If you are planning any event contact us now to see how we can make your event super successful.

4. Analytics

Demand for data analysts has never been higher—and 2016 will continue to see demand rise as more organisations look to deal with the explosion of data and the opportunity presented by having better analytics.

Who is visiting your site? watching your videos, clicking your adverts? These are all important clues to where your future business is and yet most businesses do not look at the data, why? Because it is to hard to understand.

We are everyday people who talk English. We take the Analytics data for our clients and convert it to everyday english for them. This helps track business progress and future business trends.

Let us help you convert the data to help grow your brand.

About Equip Your Site

Equip Your Site is a creative design and media company that can help your business reach new clients and fans.

How can we do that? We use our 8 years of design, media and web building experience to help you reach more people, better deliver your message and create new leads.

We create simple & beautiful websites, graphics, brands, logos, social media campaigns and video media. Check out our portfolio section to see our works.

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