Make It Sweet


Why do people want to connect with your business? What is in it for them? These are the hard questions every business must ask and then build a marketing campaign around. What we must make are businesses, products, service so sweet that they will come running to us, but how?

1. Be extreme.

Sweet products, services, and people are typically extreme cases. No one really goes for the middle of the road products, well maybe your uncool Dad who dragged you through the shopping mall wearing socks and sandals. Make it great or bad, expensive or cheap, don’t go middle of the road. You will become road kill.

2. Be unapologetic.

To many brands are almost ashamed of how good they are, and so they undersell themselves. The truth is that if you are under selling, someone else will take your place. Mike Tyson wasn't a nice guy in the ring and thats why we liked him, we knew if we watched him fight someone was going to get knocked out. You never felt sorry for watching that fight and Mike never felt sorry for knocking that poor guy out, why? Because thats who he was and that was what attracted us to him. People and money are attracted to authentic people and authentic business. Nail the one thing your business and brand is great at and build everything around that.

3. Be exclusive.

None likes missing out. I hate missing a good sale. The fear of missing out on something is something that we drag from our childhood and it is what makes us compulsive. Limited editions, exclusive offers, and scarce supply drive demand. You want customers that cannot wait to buy your product.

Follow these three simple keys and your business will become a sweet hot sticky mess filled with customers begging for more.

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