3 Keys to Build a Better Brand


Branding is more than just a funky logo, it is the life blood of your business. Your brand is your culture. Good branding starts with people. In todays world you can’t just tell people you’re something – you have to give them reason to believe it and that is branding.

Make It Sweet


Why do people want to connect with your business? What is in it for them? These are the hard questions every business must ask and then build a marketing campaign around. What we must make are businesses, products, service so sweet that they will come running to us, but how?

3 Keys to Great Copywriting


The art of copywriting is a hard art to master. Hours are spent trying to come up with the perfect text of your marketing campaign and then you still draw blanks. I know this feeling very well. However I have found three simple keys that has helped me a lot in creating great copywriting for my marketing campaigns. Here are those three things:

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